Youtube popularity: buy youtube views

Looking through the channels of recognized youtube bloggers, you catch yourself thinking that you could tell the world about novelties of cosmetics / tricks of weaving braids / subtleties of soap making, etc. not in the least worse. And even you are already thinking about opening your channel. Surely you want to not just share your secrets, but also gain a few thousand likes from enthusiastic subscribers. Let’s find out how to become a popular video blog on youtube.

Secrets of a novice video blogger

Choose an interesting topic. In order for your video to be found and paid attention to it, it should attract a potential viewer.

Show your face”. Many owners of their channel are looking for popularity, but are embarrassed to show themselves to the public. Critics are afraid. Criticism will always be, and this is normal. Popular video bloggers face offensive comments, but this is an inevitable part of their work. The more so that you can moderate nenravyaschiesya records.

Communicate. Youtube is not just a website with information, it’s a great platform for communication. So do not be shy to leave comments, in them you can invite users to your page.

Leave video comments. If you are one of the first, the “risk” of the fact that the number of views increases dramatically is great. You can search similar to your themes in the search, and add your video as a comment.

Take into account the wishes in the comments on their work. Do not take offense at those who set out to offend you, take note only of constructive criticism and requests for new videos.

Post links to your releases in other social networks.

Release the videos regularly. And make sure they are not too long – this is not a YouTube genre.

When you have the first fans, do not be lazy to please them with funny personal videos. For example, share your secrets about yourself, show the contents of your handbag, tell us about your ideal morning, etc.

How to become popular in youtube without blogging?

If you are not yet ready for a regular video, it does not mean that your only video will not bring you any fame. The most popular entries are, as a rule, either funny or strange videos. They are not necessarily filled with meaning. If a person has the courage to expose himself to a general view in a strange situation, and, moreover, not on the positive side – it always attracts onlookers. In addition, you can try to make a clip for a song that is especially popular now – it will certainly be entered in the search for a long time.

Act, and then the question: “how to become popular on youtube” will be asked already to you!