How to increase your youtube subscribers?

To become a recognizable personality, a star to which fans are drawn, it is necessary to take a number of measures. They are not complicated. Especially if you are serious. What and how to do – I came to this myself. Fictional advice, written on other sites by those who are generally far from Youtube – never helped me in any way. And we start with the image. How to choose your image The next step to popularity on YouTube is a well-chosen image of the star. Let today you are not a star, but only want to become it, but still, the most important thing is confidence and purposefulness. The rest is a matter of technique. And we will analyze the equipment now. An image is a concept that includes many parameters. Here you can relate: Hairstyle Clothes Manner talk Appeal to the viewer Star habits, hobbies, addictions Photo in social networks To find your image, you must find a star-like double or twins that look like you.

It’s a great way to immediately absorb someone else’s experience, avoid making mistakes, because a star that is ALREADY a star is the result of work of many professionals: stylists, producer, director, designer, etc. For example, I also have a double among the stars. This Anglo-Indian actress Mandakini:

If you do not know who you are like, what image to adopt, then write to me. With the help of special programs

I will help you to find the star image that has conquered the world. You will only have to add a bit of your personality to it and take the tops of popularity on Youtube. I left my mail at the end of the article. Tags and keywords of the YouTube channel Few people think about the fact that not only the name and design, but also the keys are important for the successful promotion of the channel. What are keywords? If you are, for example, going to be a beauty blogger, then for your audience there is a certain list of words and phrases that they use to find information about beauty. For example: Beauty Health Cosmetics Popular beauty bloggers How to lighten hair How to accelerate hair growth Reviews of cosmetics Hair care products To the channel began rapid growth so that the question of how to increase views on YouTube was solved for you and you moved on, it is necessary to select the keys for the channel and tags (keys) for the video itself. If you need help, you can contact me by e-mail I will make an individual selection of key words and phrases for your channel that will help you in the initial stage to rise in search of Youtube. Over time, the key phrases and words of the channel must be changed. Switch from low-frequency to high-frequency. If this is not done, then the channel can hang out at the reached level without overcoming it.

What is Intro and Outro Certainly

When you watched other channels, at first you often paid attention to the original video fragments – this is the intro. Each channel is different. It happens that the intro is completely absent. Which is not very good. After all, the intro shows that this is a professional channel on the TV level. Outro is a short video that is used at the end of the video. It is also important, because Yutuba has such a function as “End screensavers.”

As the final screensaver, the viewer can be invited to watch a video on the topic, subscribe or go to the playlist. When a video lacks an intro, it’s not very attractive when the final screensaver covers the leader’s face, while he says goodbye to the audience. Therefore, to create a good intro, you need to master the skills of working with video and photomontage. What should be the length of the video? Beginners video bloggers mistakenly believe that the longer the video, the better.

However, it is not. Among the popular video clips you can find and such, the length of which is 5-10 seconds. The main interest is the audience’s interest in this video. Next we will talk about such a parameter as “audience retention”. How to make people watch the video to the end. Therefore, you must understand that let the movie be for 1 minute, but it will be of interest to everyone who goes into it, rather than one that will be turned off at the very beginning, even if it is for half an hour. My mistake, which I also admitted at the very beginning, was intentionally trying to make the video longer and getting the opposite result. The video should be natural. It should be obtained as it turns out. However, if you are a slow enough person and can not talk quickly and smoothly to the camera, then in this case, cut out the pauses, which in a natural way tire the viewer. To cut pauses, you need to use video editing.