How to get youtube subscribers free?

The main advantage for a beginner in video shooting is an attractive price. I think a couple hundred dollars will not be much compared to the prices of professional equipment, which can cost 100-200 dollars. Therefore, for a startup a lot of money is not needed. The main thing – it’s purposefulness. Yes, sometimes this word sounds pummeled, but it is precisely such a mood that will help you go to your goal, not to dwell on failures. And failures can be – it is inevitable. Each video will not guarantee success. Every person is different. And the fact that it is gaining thousands of views from other people, you can not go. Therefore, personal search and hard work with content are the keys to successful promotion. Personally, I have a few videos that I shot, and they suddenly began to recruit thousands of views. Audiences really like these videos. After watching them, people subscribe to me on the channel and ask to shoot on similar topics more. And these videos were taken on a regular smartphone. So YouTube allows everyone to find themselves and it does not matter what kind of shooting equipment you have. How to choose a background for a video As for the background, there are also several important but simple moments here. First of all, the background should not repel the audience. If you do not like the background, people will not like it either. I have a series of videos on the channel, collected in the playlist “The Workshop of the City of Click”. Here I post videos on how to become popular on Youtube, how to unleash your channel. You can go in and see. So, as for the background. If you do not have a room with European-quality repair, in which there is an Euro-furniture, which can not be stubbornly shown. If you have in your grandmother’s room a repair and chest of drawers, then you can get out in the following ways. By the way, many successful video bloggers do not change the backgrounds they like, despite the fact that millions are watching them.

Solid wallpaper. Solid wallpaper can be any color, but better – light colors. This is a simple and inexpensive way to look normal on video. If there is a desire, then on the wallpaper you can attach some creative elements, for example the name of your channel.

Background of colored paper. I many times experimented with different backgrounds and colored paper became for me, well, just a real wand. If there is no possibility or desire to paste the wallpaper in one place for the video, then the colored paper can allow to combine everything. And while it does not need to glue on the glue.

Sufficiently small pieces of scotch or sewing needles with an eye (pinches) to fix the sheets without damaging the wallpaper or wall

Light curtains. Looks really good at the video curtains of light tones. Attractive looking curtains with a glossy tint. This transmits to the camera a specific likeness of the metal. It looks very impressive. Ideas for background:

Cabinet with a small thing. Many well-known video bloggers are still being shot against the backdrop of the cabinet with different cute items (especially the best-bloggers). These are different soft toys, cosmetics, watches, drawings, Christmas balls, a garland, candles … Anything, the main thing is that the frame should have a feeling of festive mood. Blurred background in the program. If there is no way to change the environment, then with the help of video, you can make the background blurry. Then it does not matter what exactly will be behind your back. In the frame there will be only your face and blurry spots of the background. Also, this effect can make more or less naprochennye video cameras. But if you do not have the money to do this or waste it, you can break your head and figure out the programs for video processing. They are many, they are different, so on the Internet, in principle, you can all find.

Cozy corner. As an illusion of the room, you can really use any corner of the room. The trick is that next to you will not be one wall, but two at once. In the corner, you can put some bedside table, table with a chair, or you can even stand standing without any accessories. From the corner of the room it is easy to remove everything, hang some fashionable accessory on the wall and this will be enough.

Balloons. Often I had to meet videos where a well-known YouTube was drowned in inflatable balls. Excellent chip for shooting. The main thing is cheap and angry. Bright, fun, hide any shortcomings in the room, which is especially important at the initial stage. So – you can get out of any situation.