How do you see your subscribers on youtube?

How to untwist the channel on YouTube The promotion of the channel does not happen by itself. For the channel to unwind, you must constantly work on this. New videos, interesting topics, experiments with the image. It happens that the audience begins to like a certain haircut or they like how you are painted. They write about it in the comments. To make it all go up the hill, we now consider several important points: What to shoot the first video The first video, perhaps the most difficult step. After all, he is the first. It seems that it is with him that the first step to fame will begin, so the topic should be searched for a long time and carefully. However, everything is much simpler here. Often, I recommend those who turn to me, started with a trailer. That is, to greet your viewers, tell them who you are and what your channel will be about. But! The trailer, as I said, should not always be accompanied by speech and words. An excellent chip, which is used by many professional bloggers and companies – they remove branded video. There are no words or appeals to the viewer. This trailer – it’s emotions and beautiful moments. The collection of such pieces gives the viewer positive emotions. And every spectator chooses those emotional moments that he likes. This happens unconsciously, but it allows to make a favorable impression on many people. On what camera is better to shoot a video A good camera does not guarantee success. I’ll tell you exactly. Many popular video bloggers shoot their video on a regular smartphone or camera with camera function. And this does not stop them from being popular, they know how to increase views on Youtube. What’s the whole point? The trick is that even the bad camcorder itself can give an excellent image in good sunlight. Therefore, many YouTube shoot video in front of the window during the day when powerful sunlight comes from there. Or even do it on the street. There is one advice from me personally. Lax camcorders do not work well with the moving image. That is, with a weak camera, it’s best to shoot the videos in a static state when you are sitting (at home or on the street). Then the camera will not fix its own weakness and viewers will never know that you actually have some kind of weak camera. Therefore, you should not worry. For example, Avito sells a lot of working, but out of fashion digital video cameras.