How can you increase youtube views ?

How to increase views on Youtube The number of views increases when each viewer watches the video at least until the middle. This gives YouTube a signal that people like this video and most of them watch the video at all. So let’s analyze how to keep viewers on the channel, so that your videos are raised above the others in the search. How to keep viewers on the channel Retaining the audience is one of the most important indicators of the success of the channel. If a person looks through to the end, then Youtube raises such a channel, given the preferences of the audience.

The promise of something interesting at the end Nothing stimulates a person to see the video to the end, as an interesting denouement at the end. Bloggers and different instructors who realized the importance of such a chip always promise the viewer the most interesting in the end. For example, different TOP-10 – they show the best, which gets to the first place in the top, at the very end. And it works. Short and interesting video The viewers watch the video for 1-2 minutes until the end. During this time a person does not have time to realize how good or bad video is, and now it’s over. You can use this method, for example, to make some cool movie, though not very funny, but exciting interest, and then it will have time to look through to the end. Even if the length of the video is 30 seconds, but it will be watched to the end – it will also raise the rating of the entire channel. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a long video intentionally. Find the secret in the video Find some secret in the video, and as a gift – send greetings to the one who will first reveal the secret and write about it in the comments. The viewers at that moment switch to something parallel and no longer concentrate their attention on what is said in the video. As a secret, you can use some effect in a video, or an object, or you say a word in the process of video. A person finds it, writes about it in a comment and, most importantly, looks through the video to the end.

Connect friends and acquaintances

If you came to YouTube and you want to earn money on it (read how to enable monetization on the channel), then you should get rid of such a complex as the fear of telling friends that you are something to be removed and placed on the Internet. The more acquaintances you have, the better. Friends and acquaintances will be the first to watch your video with interest. Let not all have some good opinion – this is all nonsense. The main thing is that they give a boost to 100% of the video clips. The retention of the audience, as a promotion parameter, is written above in a separate paragraph. Here, except that I say that the longer a person watches a video, the higher it rises in the search for Youtube. The faster is the promotion. Therefore, it is simply necessary to use those who know you personally. After all, they are so interested in looking, that here their neighbor or classmate namudril. It is necessary to criticize him and express, perhaps, his “FI”. But do not sweat on this. Criticism will always be. It’s so easy to criticize others and do nothing. Therefore, your goal is to type views. And it does not matter what your friends think about you. You go to a new level, where popularity is real money. By the way, read more: how to dial subscribers to Youtube Social networks An important element of promotion are your accounts in social networks. From there goes a lot of traffic subscriptions and views. Where should we start? Publish the video on your walls. From there, interested viewers appear. Next, to attract the audience, use the PR groups VKontakte. In such groups, you can mark out the video and, if it’s interesting, will switch to the channel itself, watch the video and subscribe.

Jokes Whatever the theme of your channel, even if it’s very serious, try to get a couple of jokes. Perhaps you can do the production yourself, play a cool performance at home and take it to the camera, and it will be watched. I also resorted to this method, so I can definitely say it works! Do not make the joke long, otherwise it will not be examined until the end. A video for 1-2 minutes is enough.

Paid advertising This method of promotion is not considered by anyone, but it works. But this is not so simple. To launch advertising in Yandex Direct, Google and YouTube – you need a competent approach in the formation of key queries, phrases and descriptions. If this is done incorrectly, then you can spend a lot of money and from advertising there will be no sense. Therefore, if you need help with compiling ads, set up impressions for a good cost-per-click