Free youtube subscribers

Free youtube subscribers

How to become popular on YouTube Fame, money, the absence of any worries – that’s how many people imagine a job with a video blog. However, why do some really achieve the recognition of the public, while the others are looked exclusively by acquaintances and relatives?

This article will tell you about the main pitfalls, tips and secrets about how to become popular on youtube! The Beginning of a Successful Career So, having registered on video hosting, the former adventurism is immediately lost: “What will I do?” – this is the question that every beginning YouTube set itself. But do not despair and drive yourself into a corner. Think about what you do best. Maybe you are good at joking and even singing? Or, professionally own graphics programs, which will help create funny videos? There are many classes – do not hesitate to borrow them from popular people already, but do not forget to add something new there, otherwise people will just leave the channel. Having decided with the subject, do not rush to spread your creativity immediately to the network. The second step will be checking the so-called “HYIP” (what is currently the most popular in any area).

For example, if you decide that you will dance, check which song is the most relevant now, you will have to choose it.

Hone your movements and remember:

like you – a great many, but to get ahead, you need to be the best! Then it is worth to do your business card – the design of the channel. This is very important, so try to use the most original font (ideally – your own), colors and pictures, so people want to stay with you. In the event of difficulties, you can contact the special companies engaged in drawing exclusive material.

How to become popular on youtube or the creation of the first video

There are several rules that must be adhered to when creating absolutely any content: Lightness;

The material should not be difficult to perceive. If you write a guide – explain each step, or in the future people will stop trusting you.

Humor; Do not be angry and sullen. Be joking for every reason, but do not overdo it.

Brevity. Do not extend it through long pauses or other ways – the audience does not like this. Do not forget to use the built-in editor. It has many useful functions. For example, in it you can cut an unnecessary part of the video, or add effects to the image.

Tips: Use only bright, catchy content titles, even if they do not fully reveal its essence; The most important point in the video is the beginning; Hold the person, tell or show something, that to force it to look through all up to the end. Speak clearly and often mention your name; Imagine that someone will ask you, and another he will easily answer! Self-irony is something that you can not be shy in any case. People love the mistakes of others, so when making a blur, it’s even worth emphasizing or adding to the end of the video.

The reason for the question is how to become popular on YouTube? – lack of views After laying out the video immediately ask all friends, relatives to see and evaluate it. The presence of at least some views will promote his search. Miracles do not happen, so you will definitely need a promotion, which will be discussed a little later. The main thing is to remember one rule: the views are copied only if the video is shot regularly. Forcing subscribers to wait, all that can be achieved is their unsubscription. Even if brilliant ideas do not come to mind, shoot videos about your everyday life, adventures with friends, holidays, driving on cars, rest, anything! If once you have liked someone, in most cases a person begins to idealize your voice, appearance, hair. And this means that in the future this fan will not look at the video, but on you. Do not forget about patience. Do not think about the constant growth of subscriptions. Replenishment in the channel can be observed as in a year, and after one and a half years of regular release of video. This happens according to a simple scheme: one saw, told another. And this cycle can last for a long time. But still, if after a year the number of subscribers has not changed or increased slightly – it is necessary to review their activities and find possible errors. Promotion of the channel Unfortunately, video hosting is so clogged that, no matter how high-quality content was not, it is unlikely that many people will notice it. That’s why people asking a question in the search engine how to become popular on youtube, get the answer – to untwist the channel. Of course, you are lucky if you are personally acquainted with some popular person who is ready to advertise for free. However, for all the others it will be very expensive – the blogger can take up to 100 thousand dollars. for a mere mention in his text. Therefore, it remains to look for other exits. And we found them!

Annotations in the video offering to subscribe to the channel by clicking; Strangely enough, but it works! The insertion with the request to put a kid also makes sense, as many people simply forget about it; You are my friend, and I to you too; Search through the search channels with a similar number of subscriptions and offer their owners mutual advertising! Encourage people to subscribe to you personally; Look for any users under comments to any video and send them a message. But it’s better to put yourself a limit – 45 messages a day. Otherwise, you’ll be reckoned as a spammer. Leaving comments on the type “yes, I also, only better” under the video with a theme similar to yours.

Wrapping up subscribers and subscribers To date, there are many companies and services offering to wind up subscribers in YouTube or views, comments, likes. Using a similar scheme, you can easily get into the top of the popular video. But the main thing is not to flirt. For all this is reflected on the monitors of video hosting staff, and with a suspicious increase in statistics, not only the video, but the whole channel, can be blocked forever. Another way to popularize content is to create a viral video.

How to remove a viral video

Unfortunately, there is no exact recipe. But still one thing is certain: a similar virus lies in the collision of classical advertising and advertising in order to engage the audience. The idea and its concept completely depends on the person. If you do not combine these 2 factors – it will not work either, or that, but an ordinary funny video, which will not have more than 10 thousand views. It is required to keep the person watching the video in eternal tension and bewilderment. Remember one secret: people are most interested in the beginning and the end. Therefore, the main issues of the video should be reflected in the first 10 seconds, and the answers to them in the last 20. So the answer to the question “how to become popular on YouTube” ended. Finally, you can leave a few more tips: Only high-quality video (in all plans) will attract its viewer; Do not use an ancient camera that has not been released for a long time – no one will look at it. Competently promote your channel; It is not necessary to remind every hour of it – fastened posts on the wall of social networks is enough. Love what you do; If you are unhappy with the result – change the situation to the full achieve comfort. Behave like a star, but do not be conceited; You are the most popular, but just yet a few people know about it. Patience; Only it can bring you to a higher level. Waiting for quick results in a short time usually leads to the closure of the whole project. Do not be afraid to act, you will not do anything for it! The hayters (haters) leave vicious comments purely because of the large amount of free time; And you do not have much, you are a star. Therefore do not pay attention to them – grow further! Similarly to hayters, trolls also like to make fun of the video. But know how to distinguish between normal criticism and listen to it.