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We carefully analyzed the largest video bloggers in Youtube, studied their top spots, and also examined those YouTube channels that have become very popular in recent years. Very interesting results were obtained.

And in this review we hasten to share this information with you, dear readers. So, what should you do to become popular in Youtube?

Council number 1

Show what people can not see anywhere anymore Simple advice. But not everyone gets to it. According to the statistics of the global IT giant Google, which, incidentally, owns the Youtube site, only 15-20% of the 100 beginning channels attract the rapid growth in the number of subscribers in the first year and gain many thousands of views under the video. The remaining 80-85% of their videos are not popular. Why is this happening? Audience Yutuba every year is becoming more and more legible, people stop clinging the same type of video. Therefore, if you really want to shoot “catchy” videos, you should shoot such videos, which no one else is. In other words, your channel on YouTube should become a unique spectacle for others. If you shoot the usual reality, which people can watch every day from the windows of their dull houses without you, then you are unlikely to attract anyone. People love “shows” and people are following this show for Youtube.

Therefore, the authors who understand this need of the viewer become successful more often. Someone for the pursuit of uniqueness goes on long trips, for example, goes to India, while in Russia it’s cold, and takes every step in this warm exotic country. The audience is wondering how it is now, when we have frosts. Others can show video at work, where access is not possible to those around them. Someone shoots video clips while traveling in the car, for example, truckers actively use this theme. In principle, the terrain is constantly changing and the uniqueness of the video will be provided. Well, if the blogger imposes a number of useful conclusions on this video, conducts a lively discussion of some relevant topic, then such channels are popular with a certain part of the audience.

Council number 2

Shoot on popular topics If you want to win a wide audience – you need to shoot on the most popular topics on Youtube: Humor and jokes; Educational videos; Lifehacks; Vlogs (video diaries of Internet personalities); Policy; Instructions for passing games; Parcels from China, unpacking and product reviews.

If you shoot on any of these topics, you can expect a rapid increase in the number of views of each of your videos, since similar topics are interesting to many people. For example, funny and funny videos are equally interesting to both 20-year-old girls from Siberia, and 40-year-old men from Moscow. Choosing a popular topic, you will not lose. But the directions listed above will not be so forever and you will in any case have to regularly monitor the Internet for the appearance of new popular topics. To monitor constantly changing themes, it’s easiest to use the Google Trends application, where every day the most popular requests of Internet users are updated.

Council number 3

Make quality video The quality of the video – perhaps the key to success. In the world of high-speed Internet, it’s hard to get a sophisticated viewer to watch a video with a low resolution of 240 pixels. Even if it is a mega useful and super unique spectacle. Many in the settings of YouTube set the screen resolution option HD – this video is in high quality. And if you upload videos shot on a cell phone in low quality, then part of the audience simply can not watch them.

The same applies to good lighting, which you should pay special attention to when shooting. Youtube viewers do not like videos, where they have to strain their eyes and peer into fuzzy blurred silhouettes. Half of the users will leave at once from such a channel and will never come back to you again. Regular change of camera angles is also a necessary technique for anyone who wants to become popular on YouTube. The audience is picky and quickly gets bored with monotony. If you do not change the camera angle and constantly shoot the video in the same pose and at the same angle, then to this format over time will develop a persistent bait. Remember, like eating: even red caviar can be eaten, if in addition to it nothing else from the products you will not have. The same fishermen are indifferent to caviar – they see it every day. So with the video, if you periodically change angles, people will constantly observe these changes and will not have time to get used to something. Thus, visitors will not quench their interest in your channel. The sound should also be of good quality: listen to what you say, especially if someone is talking in the background, noise is the machinery or machines, the refrigerator is humming or the household appliance is cracking – it’s simply impossible. The audience loves quality sound. And if you want to be listened to – use a normal microphone.

Tip # 4

Stay always in touch with the audience. You need to be constantly in contact with subscribers – always communicate, do not ignore questions asked through comments. It happens that the question is frankly stupid, but this is only for your experienced look. Other people on the subject of your video may have a complete lack of experience and they may absolutely not understand what you think is trivial and simple. Responding to questions, being active, polite and supporting the audience is an important component of the popularity gain on Youtube. Do not underestimate it and score on subscribers. If subscribers do not answer, they will find other channels where they will be treated with care. As a result, they will leave for others, and you will remain with nothing.

Tip # 5

Live Broadcasts Live broadcasts are a new format on Youtube. This video broadcasts online. If you give such a format of video content, then users will grow interest in your channel, and along with this, the number of subscribers will also increase. According to Google statistics, live broadcasts improve the penetration of the audience and increase the interest of viewers. Users begin to perceive your channel as a full-fledged television. And treat it with due attention.

Council number 6

You can not dramatically change the channel’s theme. Some inexperienced YouTube often admit this mistake – they create a channel, spread a video of one theme on it, the channel does not develop, then they start adding videos to a completely different subject. And in the end, popularity still does not grow. Professionals advise to keep the channel in one trend and not change the direction. The point here is that subscribers choose your channel, identifying it with a specific topic. For example, if your channel tells about the premises from China, then the audience every time they go to the channel, they hope to see something new from this sphere. If you suddenly change the subject and start uploading a video about politics, then with a high probability of subscribers will stop paying attention to your videos. After all, they came to see about the goods from China and the policy they may not be at all interesting.

Council number 7

Regularity You can immediately add 10 clips within one day, and then a month does not update the content – this behavior is not pleasant not only to the audience, but also to Youtube. Support Youtube recommends uploading videos 1-2 times a day, and doing it regularly every day. Therefore, it is better to add the same 10 videos on a schedule – this function is available. When there is a regular laying out of the video, especially if it occurs on a schedule, viewers are waiting for the release of a new video. And they begin to subscribe. This stimulates interest from the audience, and, therefore, increases the popularity of the channel.

Council number 8

Old good advertising is still the engine of trade. Do not twist, and without advertising, do not live. If your channel on Youtube is young, and if you have financial opportunities – it is better to use advertising for initial promotion. Thus, you significantly reduce the time for the initial promotion – if those who do not use advertising, attendance is typed slowly, then with the help of advertising can significantly speed up this process. It often happens that competitors shoot on a similar topic and if they have older channels and the number of videos is larger, then the system will raise their video clips higher than yours. And as you know, users only look at the first 10 options in the SERP. And if your channel will be on 11th place, then to it many simply can not reach. This is the basis of SEO-promotion on Youtube and here we will not touch upon them. For more information on how to promote the channel to Youtube, see the article: How to attract subscribers to Youtube: PR, promotion of the Youtube channel

Council number 9

Track new YouTube events Youtube periodically hosts conferences for YouTube, where it tells in detail about what new chips have appeared recently, and what has changed in the search engine. If you want to be the first to find out about new products, it is advisable to go to such events and follow the updates. For example, Youtube can announce the introduction of a new method for ranking video materials, and create a new function that enhances the capabilities of channel owners. If you do not follow such novelties, you can skip something important that will help your competitors to climb faster and better ahead of you. Also, such events are also useful because you expand your horizons and can get useful acquaintances in this field.

Council number 10

Watch Behavior in the Frame. You should not forget about the behavior in the frame – it should always be impulsive, flirting with the viewer, so that when watching your videos, viewers are not bored. Emotions in recent years are gaining more popularity, people like it when on the screen he sees something unusual, unusual and discouraging. Loud laughing, making different facial expressions, using facial expressions and gesturing, sometimes even crying – this keeps the audience in suspense, which means that the main factor is keeping the audience. This criterion in the Youtube system is the most important and on it depends how high your videos will be raised in the issue. And curious spectators will be eager to see your next works. So remember this rule “emotions rule” and use it more often. You can also include shooting video clips for some exciting or scary story from your life – intrigued subscribers will surely watch this video to the end.