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How to choose the name of the channel Surely you have heard such an expression “As a ship you will call, so it will float”. No one else, like the popular Jutuba stars know about this. Someone was lucky and he hit the point with the name of the channel from the first time, and someone like me had to remodel and delete the channels several times until I became Mary Click. Channel Mary Click Mistakes I have different channels. I called them differently, but not all of them became popular and fell in love with the audience. Accordingly, what you now learn, can save you a lot of time and, accordingly, money, because you do not have to step on the rake, which I attacked. A similar name If you want to name a channel, slightly changing someone’s name or brand, then the search engines have a proven system of bug fixes. And it’s almost impossible to change. If, for example, you want to become a well-known video blogger and as a good idea (you think) you decide not to become a Katya Klap, and for example, Katya Glap, then you will have to prove for a very long time to the search engines that your channel name is the name , and not an error. Do not check for coincidence I repeatedly called my channels, I thought, original names and phrases, but then it turned out that there is already a channel with such or almost such a name. From this it became very offensive, because when the channel is already named, the intro, the cap of the channel, the themes of the video are thought out – it’s so difficult to switch and start the creative project anew. The search for individuality is the most difficult process. Sometimes, to find a unique name, this can take several weeks. Simply because every time you come up with a name, it must already be occupied by someone. Do not repeat this error and always, before creating a channel, check your name for matches. Long name I often come across the fact that newcomers on Youtube come up with a name for their channel, which, at times, consists of 3-5 words. I also have channels where the name consists of many words. From these channels nothing happened, because their name is not a brand or creative nickname. In order for the channel to grow, the name should consist of 1-2 words. Or, if it’s 3 words, then they should be very short. It can be an interesting word game that plays the imagination. Tips The information that will follow is a unique experience. You will not find such tips anywhere else, as few people are willing to share their knowledge with the world. So, how quickly and easily you can find a unique name for your YouTube channel.

To find a unique name for the channel, you can add an interesting English prefix or an English word to a simple word. For example, in, int, intro, 4 (for), super, and so on. Remember that the shorter the name, the faster it is remembered by people. Distortion of words If you want to create a channel, for example, with jokes, then you can pay attention to words that themselves cause laughter in people and transform them a little. For example, take the words “Puk” and “Pokemon” and make Pokemon out of it.

Synonymyzing In order not to rack your brains over the unique name of the channel, you can find on the Internet many sites with synonyms for words. For example, if you like some kind of phrase, try to replace the words in it with synonyms. It can turn out very original. For example, the “pink flamingo” after synonymyzing can become a “purple bird”, etc. “1001 night” will turn into “1001 days”, and “Stoppudovy hit” can give a boost to the new name “Stop boom”. Figures and numbers If you want Add a digit or number to your channel, then those that make sense in themselves. For example: 1 (can mean the number 1) 5 (TOP-5) 10 (TOP-10) 100 (TOP-100 or 100%) 1000 (1000 and one night) 1000000 (something in a million) 12345 (I go to look) 24 (hours – day) 36.6 (used as a normal human temperature)

How to choose the right nickname Nickname is needed by those who want to become a video blogger

For example, you can call the channel “my advice”, but you can “Mary”. Mary, in this case, and will be a nickname. To be a unique blogger, your nickname should also be unique. He should not meet with other bloggers and in the names of other channels. Otherwise, you will get lost among the existing twins and tees. To find your unique nickname, you can resort to the recommendations that I already wrote above in the paragraph, how to choose the name of the channel. In addition, I can say that a successful search for a nickname is the combination of different names. For example, while nowhere there is a combination of “Kathrene Sickden”. This is a primitive example, but it gives a clear idea of ​​where you “have to dig.” Also, which I definitely do not recommend doing, it’s trying to pick a nickname, reminiscent of someone’s already known name. And even more so you can not be called a stranger’s name – chances are zero:

The fact is that search engines, any, not just YouTube, have an automatic error correction algorithm. If your nickname is already a well-known brand, in which you just changed the letter or several letters, then you risk getting into the search for such a filter, and instead of you the system will produce exactly the famous brand, nickname and pages of a famous person. I think the principles of the title search are clear to you. These tips are enough. If you need help, you can write me a mail and I’ll pick the right options for you. How to subscribe to a YouTube channel Once you have created a channel name and you understand, that’s what you need. You should proceed to design. Design is not an empty sound. However, cool design does not mean complicated. Sometimes, all genius is in simplicity. And this is a fact. Design The following elements are the basis of the channel design: a cap, an icon (thumbnail) for a video, an intro (a short video clip for 5-10 seconds, which starts each of your videos). We’ll talk about this below. To design made a person subscribe to the channel, the design should fall into the stylistic expectations of the viewer. A simple example: if you are going to create a video for children, then it can not be made in a black rock band style.

To design the channel was successful, think about what colors would be pleasant for your audience. Only when you decide on the colors, go to the objects. By the way, here you can also get a lot of TOP-10 tips on how to become popular on Youtube. For example, if this is a channel of beauty tips, then it is obvious that women will be happy to look at perfume bottles, make-up brushes, etc. on such a channel. Combining the right colors and the right subjects, you can achieve an excellent design solution. Why do you need a trailer for the YouTube Trailer channel – at first glance this new word seems somehow slightly scary. At least, this professional word initially caused me such feelings. However, everything is simple. The trailer is a welcome video that automatically plays for all people who go to the main page of the new channel.

In the trailer, every blogger or company briefly introduces a new person with the themes of his video on the channel

Without a trailer it is not clear what the blogger is shooting on the channel. It is the trailer that solves the first task, how to become a well-known video blogger. If the owner of the channel ON MAIN does not have a trailer and there is no design of the library of playlists and video, the new viewer will see information that there is nothing on this page yet. But this is the most important place of the channel. If it is empty, then the person leaves, thinking that the channel is empty. Thus, you should pay close attention to your trailer and the design of the main one. What music to choose for the video As a rule, beginners on Youtube do not know that you can not upload any music track you like in the video. Copyright is not an empty phrase. Any intellectual material is someone’s property. Music, video, photos. The song that you like is the same product of creativity as the artist’s paintings or sculpture. Everything belongs to someone, and you have to pay for the use of other intellectual materials. But do not worry! Everything is much simpler! Everyone can add music from their own YouTube library. It is located in the menu item “Create”.

You just need to choose a genre. In this library there are also those tracks, authorship of which should be indicated in the description under the video. If you do not want to bother at all, then you need to select in the settings for issuing the library of tracks “attribution is not required.” Youtube has a huge library of free music of different genres, which is suitable for any author. You can add music to the YouTube video editor after downloading the video, and you can download the track to the computer and use it in the video editing program, as popular bloggers do.