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In order to get more followers on youtube you need to make a video icon.

Why you need a video icon?

A video thumbnail is another way to attract an audience to your video. Remember that you yourself choose to watch the video, the cover of which you liked. A video thumbnail is the cover, which everyone sees when they look through the video in the search. I have four tips to help you attract the viewer to your video. Emotions Most often the viewers of YouTube select those videos whose icon gives some kind of emotion.

Surprise, fear, indignation, bliss. Anything. If the person’s face on the badge is, in other words, unpleasant, not expressive, ordinary, people will simply pass by such a video. Such a cover for them becomes invisible. Large letters The text that is written on the video icon should be written in large letters. Then it can be read and disassembled. When a person sees a tempting name, he even wants to know what’s in the video. And necessarily goes to view. Short text Do not use many words in the intro. A maximum of three. And it is better to do one thing. Then it becomes clear to the person about what here speech as a whole. While searching for an interesting video, a person has to read many different inscriptions. And the shorter the text, the faster the potential viewer will swallow the bait. This is what you need. Do not forget that the brevity, in addition – the sister of talent! Bright background The background of the icon also plays an important role. Sometimes he should be absent altogether, so that the main objects on the badge are thrown in the eye. This is also an interesting feature. Well, in general, the color of the background of the video cover should contrast with the competitive video in this topic. If everyone will be dominated by gray-brown-stunted, then you should choose some unusual, perhaps monophonic background. Yellow or black. Then such an icon will be noticeable among the others. How to choose a topic for the video Slightly above, I already wrote about what a trailer is and what it should be. A trailer is a welcoming video that every new viewer sees. From the trailer, the person will know what the channel is about, what’s in store for him, and who is the main character here. As for themes for video, then professional YouTube has no spontaneous video. Everything is filmed according to plan. First of all, you need to understand what you want on the whole to shoot the video on the channel. It is from this that everything begins. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you want to take out the taxes. “Vlogs” – sounds somehow blurry and incomprehensible. Nevertheless, the vlog is the same blog, but only in the video format, that is, the video blog is a vlog. Each blogger chooses for himself a specific topic. For example, games or tips about beauty and cosmetics. Otherwise, how to become a well-known video blogger if the topic of the channel is not defined. If someone can not decide on the topic of the channel, then for this there are playlists. In the end, no matter how multi-thematic you did not have a channel, first focus on one thing. For example, reviews of cosmetics. If you understand for yourself that you decide to shoot a series of videos (specifically SERIOUS) on this topic, then everything becomes easier.

The first video in any topic is overview, introductory

In this video you can share with people your views on cosmetic brands: what you like, what you do not like, what you want to further consider and discuss in more detail. In principle, when shooting the form is the principle of the book. First comes the preface, then everything is divided into chapters and as a result, the content itself is revealed. It’s the same in the video. Foreword and greeting is expressed in the Trailer. The chapters are introductory videos to the topics. And then the videos themselves, the number of which depends only on you. This principle works both when shooting a video about cosmetics, and in everything else, though computer repair, travel, movie reviews, etc. The main thing is you determine with the themes. On the themes you create playlists and for those already shoot the video, structuring them according to the principle “from simple to complex”.